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About Me

Hello there!

My name is Churro. I'm 18 years old, and am aspiring concept artist/writer.
I'm sapphic and use any pronouns.


  • Homestuck [<-Current and longstanding fixation]

  • Splatoon

  • Pokemon

  • The Owl House

  • Undertale

  • Fnaf [LOL]

  • Mob Psycho 100

  • A million other things

Fun facts

  • B-Day: January 26th

  • Aquarius

  • Maid of Breath/Hope

  • Undetermined moon

  • Adores animals, they're just so so funny to me <3

  • Haver of too many opinions and not enough/too much energy to explain them

  • Always stressing over something, whoa crazy

  • I like making cupcakes :)


TOS and guidelines

  • I only accept paypal. I also do not accept bribery or items.

  • I only take payment after the final sketch has been made and the client is happy with it.

  • I have the right to decline a request, whether it be for comfort reasons or concerns I cannot draw something.

  • Please do not repost commissions publicly unless credit to me is given. Additionally, do not claim the art to be made by you. Do not use my work for profit unless discussed otherwise.

  • Please tell me as soon as possible if a refund is needed.

  • I am ok with the occasional ask for updates, but please try not to make it frequent!

  • Please tell me in advanced if you want your commission to not be posted on my blog. Additionally, please tag me or credit me if you post it yourself!

  • I am willing to do a design based on description, though it will cost extra depending on complexity and time taken to design.

  • Do not under any circumstances sell my art as an NFT or use my art for AI generation

Can do

  • Humanoids

  • Canon characters

  • OCs

  • Blood/Mild gore


  • Amory

  • Weaponry

  • Ships

can't do

  • Romatic interactions with a large age gap, incest, noncon, sexual interaction

  • Extreme gore

  • Mecha/highly detailed machinary

  • Hate speech/bigotry/offensive intent

  • Art of someone else without explicit consent

  • Art from specific media[I will let you know]

Art examples

Status: Active

Pesterquest: Beyond Canon

A fan continuation of the visual novel Pesterquest. Currently ran as an askblog


A roleswap au featuring Feferi Egbert, Nepeta Lalonde, Sollux Strider and Eridan Harley.

Status: In development

Status: In development

Temporal Shuffle

Story centering around ocs and various universes/sessions